Lol-Light of Learning Project: Overview

Education in the UK is changing.

Knowledge is priceless, and the opportunity to reach your greatest potential should be available to every child, from every background, but sometimes this idea is not realised.

With the rise in popularity of expensive private tuition, it’s easy for students who are unable to afford extra help, or unwilling to ask for it, to get overwhelmed.

According to The Telegraph,
“Analysis by the private tutoring website First Tutors found that tutors were typically charging an hourly £24.90 this academic year, up from £20.95 in 2010. The cost of a London tutor has increased […] from £22.80 to £29 an hour, but that the cost can vary in the capital from £10 an hour to £100 an hour.”

These prices suggest that this advantage is only available to those who are able to afford it – leaving the less privileged at what some would consider, a disadvantage. The attitude that private tuition is necessary for pupils to achieve better grades is slowly becoming popular, both with parents and pupils – the expectation that those who are tutored outside of school will achieve better grades can affect the approach pupils take towards their education, and can ultimately damage the confidence of those who are unable to afford this kind of extra help.

The current education system does offer a wide range of support for these pupils, but the official nature of these support systems can sometimes act as a deterrent, and pupils may not feel they can approach their teachers in an informal manner to get more help.

In response to this issue, the Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) – a registered charity aiming to assist individuals in achieving their potential - are launching the Light of Learning Programme: a creative, innovative learning experience dedicated to sparking an interest in education.

From September, CCA will be offering free sessions every Saturday at the SMCA, to pupils between the ages of 11-14, looking for help with school who don’t have access to private tuition. These sessions will focus on alternative ways of teaching, to assist students in finding a way of learning that suits them whilst changing the way they look at education in general.
Free from exam stress and competition, the programme will encourage pupils to look outside their books, and to see all the ways that education applies to real life. They will be shown how subjects interconnect, and how a person’s attitude towards learning can completely transform how much they value it.